Monday, June 28, 2010

Parade of Homes

One of the things I love about Utah is the Parade of Homes.  This year I went with my friends Chelsea, Tina, and Melinda.  There were definitely a few homes that were pretty blog-worthy.

The first house we checked out was uber modern.  Now, I like modern, but this one was pretty out of this world.

Lights above the kitchen table

Kitchen table

I didn't mind the kitchen cabinets at first, but then one of the builders told us they were patterned after the freezers where they keep dead bodies in morgues.  I didn't have much of an appetite after that.

I was actually kind of in love with that coffee table.  Definitely a conversation piece. 

The house came equipped with a slide...

and a wickety whacked bathroom counter....

Our favorite house was one that had been completely demo'd and rebuilt.  It was classy and traditional, with a few modern lines.

But the house that made my PoH ticked really worth the money was this little guy:

No joke, there were a bazillion cars parked outside and we probably only saw a total of 12 people. No cramped spaces here.

Still in awe of this beast.  I think the wind-blown hair is dead sexy on us, don't you?

Here are a few of the stats:
6 bedrooms (including an Asian room, complete with 2 mattresses on the floor), 7.5 bathrooms, $2 million, 15,043 square feet.  

They had a lot of castle-esque windows, to keep to with the theme of the house.

But the main thing that made this place a true castle:

You've GOT to be kidding me.  Full blown suits of armor leading into the Master Suite.

I'll take one of these please....

But this place wouldn't be complete without

a dance studio

A wood burning pizza oven and homemade root-beer on tap

And an indoor pool

For some reason, my house felt extra tiny after touring this place.


  1. I'm surprised that house in only 2 million! That's crazy... I would sure love an indoor swimming pool more than anything!

  2. The parade of homes is pretty amazing. I went a few years ago and loved so much of what I saw. An indoor pool in Utah makes more sense than an outdoor one, that's for sure. And a slide in the house, beats a laundry shoot to slide down...

  3. Thank you for posting these pictures! I was dying to go see some of the parade of homes houses, but never got the chance, so these pictures were like my own little tour! So amazing!!!

  4. I'm with Kelley, if I had $2 million for a house, I'd want something like that! Love the kitchen & it's features!

  5. Wow! That house is amazing...I think it would be atleast 2 times that here in VA! Crazy!! Thanks for the inspiration via pictures:-) I'm a new follower! Nice to meet you:-)

  6. *cough cough* WOW. Pizza oven, root beer taps... YES PLEASE!

  7. That house is insane. We currently live in SD where the housing prices are phenomenally cheap so when we got a house with 3K square feet for less than we sold our condo for we thought we'd hit the jack-pot.

    I've decided that I never want to own a house this big in my life!!!! It is nuts trying to wrangle four kids around AND keep up on this thing. I'm going for nice and cozy from now on... so that castle has no appeal to me whatsoever all I think is how much I'd hate to clean it. lol


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