Thursday, August 26, 2010


While I was in Camarillo, I stopped in one of my favorite little boutiques, Posies.  Their displays are always so yummy...

Check them out if you are ever in the area.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the pirate ship chandelier! I have it saved in a file marked "lottery money". hahahah :)

  2. Ohh I love this...Vintage Girls, a store here in Maryland has the same colorful clock as the fourth picture down and very much resembles this boutique. I love the feel of the rooms all the pictures have! Beautiful pictures!

  3. I live in Camarillo and have never been there, I need to stop in!

  4. You'd love "Dear Lizzie" in Alpine. Check it out!

  5. Love love love this store and that pirate ship chandelier is awesome! I hope I win the lottery before mjarrell785 does. I might have to venture back to my native California for some vintage goodness!


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