Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bradley's Party

I did a nautical theme for Bradley's birthday, since it was a pool party. It was fun to think up what I wanted for the decor and see it all come together.

The invite

The entrance table

We kept the food kid-friendly with hot dogs, fruit salad, and a yummy avocado salsa

The cake

Bradley's 1 year banner

The birthday boy was thrilled 

He has never had so much sugar in his life and enjoyed every second of it.


  1. So cute! My Christian will be celebrating his 1st birthday this Sunday with a vintage carnival themed party. I'll be posting pics next week-so be sure to check them out! I love the birthday banner of pictures you did-great idea!

  2. Congrats Bradley! It's so crazy to watch your baby's 1st birthday come and go, isn't it? The navy stripes are darling.

  3. Love the invites!! Did you make all the cupcake toppers from your illustrator program as well? Is it the Adobe Illustrator?

  4. Looks like lots of fun. Bradley, I'm with you on the cake, yummy!


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