Friday, October 8, 2010

The Grove

I was down in California last weekend, and we stopped by The Grove on our was home from LAX.  It has such a fun atmosphere.  I got a few photos so you can see just how gorgeous it is down there.

They have a Zara down there and I couldn't get enough of their fall coats.  
And the underlying theme with each jacket I put on......shoulder-pads!  In a very chic non-80's kind of way.  

Isn't the trolley adorable?

They have an amazing farmers market.  You never know what new celebrity food you will spot down there.

and I just couldn't pass up a frozen banana

there's always money in the banana stand!


  1. Great pictures. I want to go to The Grove!

  2. Such a fun place! I'm glad we got to go there.

  3. Ha ha! There's always money in the banana stand... You're delightful.

  4. until the banana stand burns down right?

    (sorry, i'm a lurker but had to comment when you made me laugh out loud...i love AD)

    i adore your blog!

  5. arrested development...nice! Thank you so much for the comment. I love your tutorials and I'll get the hang of clothing sometime!

  6. i saw helena bonham carter there on christmas eve last year. wish i'd gotten a picture. love the grove & farmers market, esp the brazilian churrasco!!


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