Thursday, October 21, 2010


wow.  big apologies for the lack of posts lately.  

I have felt like I have been trapped in a world of fabric and sewing machines for the past few days.  Every waking free moment I have had has consisted of me glued to my machine.  But, the good news is that our Halloween costumes are complete (all 3 of them), and I am making good headway on my skirt for SewNews.
(in addition to taking care of a sick baby and barf up the wazoo)

So I feel like I actually have time to take a breath!

If you are like me and have gobs and gobs of free time that you can spend lounging looking at beautifully decorated rooms online, then I have just the thing. . . check out  This place is your one stop shop for everything design/inspiration for your home.  The best  part about it is it is super easy to tag photos that you like and set them up in your own personal file system for getting back to later on.  

Is this website old news to you?  Sorry if it is.  If not, sorry for introducing you to the most incredible time-sucker EVER.

a little eye candy please....

love the deep coral and those seahorse pillows

um. love everything.  The wallpaper, ceiling, table, mirrored side table...

these fun prints add an unexpected pop of color

ok, forget the rooms.  I just want this closet.

p.s. In addition to all of my craziness, we are moving to a bigger place in Provo and I am working on trying to get our current place rented.  I can't wait to decorate our new place!

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  1. It's fun to hear about your move on the horizon. Starting from a blank slate is always exciting design wise...and to have a bigger place...bonus!


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