Monday, January 17, 2011

ruffles on the brain

My friend Mara knows I am working on my shower curtain, and showed me this gorgeous duvet.  It went right onto my wishlist.  At the rate that the ruffles on this curtain are taking me, I might need a little break from sewing them.  That would make this duvet worth every penny.  

Of course I want it in ivory or gray.... but the plum color is breathtaking too!


  1. Love that duvet! I am starting the Waterfall curtains this week that go with it. The only thing I am looking forward to is the finished product!

  2. I agree, they are GORGEOUS. I bought the matching shower curtain from U.O. in turquoise blue a few months ago, and was really unhappy when it came! The fabric was ultra-cheap and the curtain hung crooked. So...I tried again. And the replacement curtain that came still hung crooked. I couldn't get over the cheap fabric either.

    I really don't mean to dash your hopes! Just trying to be helpful and wanted to let you know. :) But hey, you may love it!

  3. OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! For the sake of my husband and saving him from things that are a bit too girly I could never get it for the Master bedroom but a guest room maybe :) or my own room :D

  4. it's stunning! now i want it too but its waaayyy out of my price range.... how to diy this?

  5. the ruffles are still taking too long even with your new Ultimate Ruffler?? or are you still doing it by hand?

    i love love love ruffles.. but they can be a tedious task =(

  6. You should all know that I was in TJ Maxx in Brickyard aka Sugarhouse the other day and they had ruffled KING quilts, that looked just like this in white only for $49. FYI case you want a cheaper version.

    I'm wondering what the ruffle foot does that I can't do with just tightening up the tension and lengthening the stitch?



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