Wednesday, February 23, 2011

about a shoe

I love this little mini documentary about how J.Crew makes their shoes.  How awesome would it be to sketch out a shoe and then watch them create it right in front of you?

um, love Jenna's gasses, shirt, and gold bracelets.  And the black shoe at the end is to die for.


  1. yes. in love with everything jenna has on and the other girls sequin top.

  2. Makes me want to go to Italy, eat ice cream, and find a pair of awesome shoes!:)

  3. Italy's definitely shoe heaven. You must go.
    As for the glasses...don't you think it makes her nose look big or even fake? I guess I am still a bit conservative about glasses...

  4. How amazing is that shoe!?!
    I love the concept of the different coloured straps and the height - ooh la la! [insert Italian equivalent here].

    Thanks for sharing, unfortunately we don't have J Crew in Australia.

    xx Felicity


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