Friday, February 11, 2011

mini pinwheel

My good friend Amy, from Our Daily Obsessions,  just finished up the most adorable mini Pinwheel Skirt for her cute little Ava.  Look how it turned out!  I am dying!

huge props to her for being able to tweak the pattern to fit her little girl

what a doll

So not only is she good at giving birth to beautiful girls, she is also uber creative.  Stop by her blog and check out her creations!


  1. Oh my goodness. That skirt with the lace is to die for. Adorable. Love it!!

  2. Hi! Love this and I wanna stop by your friends blog but the link is no good up there :( It says page not found...can you pleeeease send me the link? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

    Love love your site by the way!!!!!!!! The ruffled shower curtain has been a love of mine for a while now, I want one to use as a {photography} backdrop AND I want one in my bathroom but I dont think I want to attempt that project, I'll probably end up throwing my Serger and my machine in the yard before its all over, Lol!!! I think I am gonna just have to splurge on two (yikes!)from Anthropology....sigh. Thanks again!


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