Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Best Dressed

I can't believe how many dresses I loved on the red carpet last night!  Seriously, I kept saying, "she is the best dressed.... no wait, she is!".  

Here are my top 3 favs:

Halle hit it out of the park on this one.  I prefer her with short hair and she looked like she was floating down that red carpet.  I couldn't take my eyes off that dress!  I love the minimal jewelry too.

Jennifer was breathtaking.  Loved that tangerine color (this picture doesn't do it justice).  Perfect dress to show off her new rocking bod.

Some people weren't a fan of Cate Blanchett's dress but I am obsessed with it.  I love the structure and all of the detailing.  It is so different.  And the color is perfect, along with the hair and simple makeup.  GORGEOUS.

Honestly, there were so many amazing dresses.  Here are a few more winners:

I can't say enough about how beautiful these dresses were.  Who were some of your favorites?

Also, my Birds of a Feather apron giveaway ends tonight!  Don't forget to enter!  I'll announce the winner tomorrow!


  1. i loved annette benings dress, too. sandra bullock wears dresses like i would love to be able to and although i loved the bottom of cate blanchett's dress the circle top just looked like styrofoam balls and shoulder pads.....

  2. I loved Cate Blanchett's too! I thought it was interesting and breathtaking. And I loved her hair too!

  3. Oh, Cate Blanchett's dress is melting my heart. It is so amazing! And no one could pull it off like she does.

    I was not super impressed with Natalie Portman's ensemble- but I having never been pregnant I am always confused about why things are so big and round on preggie ladies, so maybe that's why I don't love it.

  4. Saddest thing, I missed the Oscars. Goos thing you broke it down for me here! I haven't looked at your blog in forever because I'm kind of a train wreck right now, but my goodness girl! I have always been impressed by your creativity and sewing skills. Good work!

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  6. i loved cate's dress too! it looked absolutely amazing on her. i'm a fan of anne hathaway's oscar opening dress. here's a list of my favorites:

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