Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Weekend

Have a great Easter everyone!  We are going to spend the weekend dying eggs, eating, and spending lots of time with family and all the kiddos. 


  1. OOOO those eggs are lovely! I'm going to spend my weekend loving on my family, and perhaps attempting one of your beautiful skirt tutorials! Wish me luck!!

  2. I like those mini egg flower vases, I'm going to attempt to dye eggs with my son. Last year he wasn't interested at all in dying eggs, but this year I bought car stickers.

  3. Super cute, of course! I have a question for you about your socialite skirt... I know you made it forever ago but I am just now getting around to making it...I can NOT seem to get my stitch to bunch! I have tried thread tension and length and winding it around the bobbin tighter and looser and nothing seems to work... the only way I can get it to gather is if I use this funky stitch that is not very cute..any help??? I use a husqvarna viking victoria sewing machine. Thanks so much! Also do you use that elastic thread for all of your skirts? I love EVERYTHING you do;) thanks again! Tiff oh, my blog is or you can email me at


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