Thursday, April 28, 2011

going green

 I have been on the green smoothie band wagon for about 2 months now.  If you haven't tried one, you need to.  I have one every morning, and I feel like I can eat all the junk I want just because I had such a healthy breakfast.  Probably not the best approach, but whatever.


In my blender I mix:

1 banana
1 apple (peeled and cored)
1/2 C frozen peaches
1 C fresh spinach
1 C kale
1/2 C yogurt
a spoonful of OJ concentrait
 1 C cranberry juice, or water 

Mix it up real good, then add about 5 ice cubes and mix again.

Once you get over the fact that you are drinking something green, they are pretty addicting.  I don't even notice the taste of the greens.

I tried a sample in Costco where they had added in 1/2 a lime (peeled).  It was amazing.  I tried it at home, and the lime core didn't blend enough, so it was a little too chunky for me.

The best part is that Bradley loves them too!

 I feel like I'm cheating or something.  I can't believe I can drink something so good and get so many veggies in my system.


  1. I've been wanting to try a green smoothie, but haven't had the guts! lol I'm going to soon tho :)

  2. i also add baby carrots and grapes to my smoothies. (and adding a handful of frozen blueberries will turn it purple/blue so it's not even green to look at) i love smoothies too! and i can't believe that i can actually get madilyn to eat and be so excited to drink that many fruits and veggies!! :)

  3. Yum! I've been meaning to put more greens and carrots in my smoothies. Thankfully my son is already use to green juice from Odwalla. So if I'm whipping up something green in the blender it won't be a major shock to him.

  4. My family just jumped on the green smoothie band wagon too! Love them! I do about the same amounts minus the peaches, yogurt, and cranberry juice. Instead we use water, a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, and enough frozen mixed berries to fill the blender. Our whole family loves them and I can get my one year-old to eat them by freezing any smoothie leftovers in a popsicle mold. She totally eats them up! Plus how cool is it that they can have a popsicle for breakfast?!

  5. Bought a book of recipes today and then went to the store and got tons of fruit and veggies. Cut all the fruit up in storage bags and in the freezer. Im getting into this! Can't wait to try one in the morning.

  6. Yum! Just one question though...

    Are you using sweetened or unsweetened cranberry juice?

  7. I made this twice this weekend. It is soooo good!!!! I used a few different items since that is what I had on hand. Super delish! I am featuring it on my blog later this week.

  8. I want to try this but...where in the grocery store do I look for kale?

  9. Knight Family- The cranberry juice I use is unsweetened. I like the tartness it give the drink.

    Suzie- Kale is over with the produce, usually by all the spinach and leeks. Good luck!


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