Wednesday, August 24, 2011

fabric last time

Call me crazy, but I made one more trip down to the LA Fabric District before heading back to Utah.  Since I won't be back in California again till Christmas, I wanted to stock up as much as I could.  Joann's just isn't going to cut it for me up here.

I wanted to show you a few great finds (all pics from my phone, sorry about the quality!), and tell you about a few new gem spots to hit up if you get a chance to head down there.  I recapped my previous 
trips to the district here and here, so check them out for some of the places I usually frequent.

This last trip, I just headed down by myself.  Don't get me wrong, I love going with friends or my mom, but I made it a goal to maneuver around down there by myself, and now that I've done it, its a great feeling. 
(crazy traffic, left-hand turns, one-way streets, and parking on the top of buildings terrify me)

I am a creature of habit, and park in the same place each time.  That and it's the cheapest parking I've seen.  If you are standing in front of Michael Levine, it is the parking structure to the very left of it, up the alley.  It's usually around $5 to park, but gets cheaper the later in the day it gets.

So I usually start with the Michael Levine Loft right across the street (seen here) because it is the cheapest and that's where I get most of my fabric.  That way I can haul it all back to my car first thing and don't have to bother with carrying it around. 

Then I usually head right up that street about 7 or 8 blocks and work my way down, finishing with the Michael Levine main store (which has an amazing selection, but you can't bargain there like you can in the smaller stores).

One great find this trip was this store called Angel Textiles.  It is on the Michael Levine side of the street, about 3 blocks up. 

Walls and walls of gorgeous 60" bolts of the best apparel fabrics.  I got a ton of stuff there and it was all $2 a yard!

see what I mean?

are you dying?  I am dying.

My mom is redoing her living room, so I was on the lookout for some great home fabrics as well.  Michael Levine has a fantastic home fabrics store, right next to The Loft.  Here are a few pics I snapped:

love this ikat

how gorgeous is that peacock?

they had some gorgeous linen that would make amazing curtains

Last but not least, my little bit of advice is to try some of the food the vendors are selling on the street.  Sure, it's greasy, but it's also amaaaaazing.  And when you are prego, nothing beats a bacon-wrapped hot dog. . . did I just write that?  I still don't think I've worked that sucker off.  But it was worth it.


  1. Ooh, lovely! I need some new fabric - right now I'm just using scraps from other things to make small items. :)

    Oh. Wow. I just died.

    I think a bacon-wrapped hot dog must be worth it - that sucker looks tasty! :)


  2. Oh i love peacock prints! I want them!

  3. oh my I love that peacock print! We only have 1 fabric store where I live, and it's hard to find good prints!

  4. Thanks for the post, Leanne! My mom and I go to the fashion district and I love new suggestions of where to go. I love L.A. Alex. Have you been to that one? Also, the bacon wrapped hot dogs are the best!!

  5. JEALOUS! I wanna go! ;)

    xoxo, Ashley J @

  6. UGHHHH!!!! I hate living in Montana!

  7. After reading one of your older posts about the L.A. Fabric district, I began the search for something similar closer to home (We live in the midwest). I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon the Textile Discount Outlet in Chicago. Normally a three hour drive for fabric would be out of the question, but we just happened to be up there when I read your post. Kismet! I was completely in love and probably looked like a crazy person wandering around the store. Their prices weren't QUITE as good as your deals but still much more reasonable than Joann's. So thanks for the inspiration to look outside the box!

  8. Thanks for this! I've never been shopping in the fabric district of LA (I live about 45 min away)and If it hadn't been for this post I wouldn't know where to start! I'm planning on going down there to find fabrics for my DIY wedding stuff. This helped me so much! Thank you again!


  9. Oh my all that fabric, so awesome. I agree Joanns doesn't do for fabric variation and besides is sooo expensive. I never been in the fabric district, but I'm hoping one day soon. I live in SF bay area , LA is 6 hours away, yup that far. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  10. This blog is to inspiring, I'm dusting off my sewing machine tonight! Thank you!

  11. Thanks so much for the tips!! I used to go downtown to get costume jewelry twice a month... and yes, it's a LOT easier to go alone (but not as fun!). I wandered down to the fabric district once and was totally overwhelmed... I'm impressed that you navigated through all the bolts AND was able to have a crazy-dog afterward ;) $2/yard? Wow. Might have to brave the trip and get to Angel Textiles!!

  12. Thank you for posting this! Perfect timing as my mom and I plan to go there this weekend. :)

  13. Ooooh, so jealous! I don't have anything like that here *sigh* (And by that I mean in the entire country!)

  14. OMG your so lucky! I started sewing about 6 months ago and I can't get enough of it, only problem is fabric is pricey! I'm so jealous, I hope you got lots of goodies!


  15. OK--so when you say you went 6 blocks down from Michael Levine, do you mean east or west, and on Maple or on 9th? I went yesterday but just made a couple stops, mostly because I hit the jackpot at the Michael Levine loft, where all solids were $1.25 a pound. Got about 100 yards of fabric for $70, woot!


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