Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome Sponsor: Meggie's Love

I'm super excited to welcome a new sponsor!  If you haven't already heard of Meggie's Love, you've gotta go check it out.  This girl has some serious creative juices, and the watches in her shop are adorable!

I am in love with the black on black 

The best part about the watches are that the faces are interchangeable!

She also has other fabulous accessories in her shop.  Like earrings....


  1. I have the watch in the first picture. Love it!

  2. What a great find- her watches are so cute! And super affordable too. A good summer watch :)

  3. I love her watches. And I realized I went to college with her!! Crazy!!

  4. just looked at her stuff, so nice and I love the prices too :)

  5. thanks for the feature! i'm stoked to sponsor your blog and hope everybody likes my shop :)

  6. thats my sister! i sure love her! congrats on the new sponsor! meggies love is the best. glad to have found your blog, too! ciao

  7. I LOVE Meggies shop and have been saving my pennies for a watch for some time...


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