Tuesday, December 20, 2011

holiday letter wreath

Pinterest is full of the most adorable Christmas crafts.  I, of course, have way too many projects pinned than I have time to complete, so this year I just picked one and went with it.

I love the look of this simply holly berry letter for the front door.  It's simple and pretty.  So one night I threw on The Buble's Christmas special and got to work.

I think the burlap garland is what makes it so cute, but Michaels was fresh out of it every time I checked.  So this ribbon will have to work for now.


  1. I drove by your house the other day on my way to Jamie's and saw the wreath... it looks really cute.

  2. That looks great, Leanne! Where did you get the giant letter??

  3. oh wow, that looks awesome! so creative.


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