Friday, February 17, 2012

The Moby Wrap:: Tutorial

So today's tutorial may not be a piece of clothing....but it is something that you wear.  Since I am in baby mode right now, here is a little baby wrap tutorial.  And it couldn't be more simple. 

My friend Kayla raved about her Moby wrap after having her second baby.  I thought about buying one, but after taking a look at hers, I knew it would be a cinch to make and already had enough fabric for one.

So this this is super easy, but it takes a LOT of fabric.  So before you make one, figure out how much it will cost to buy the fabric.  If you can't get some for a good price, it might be worth it just to buy one.

  • 5 yards of a stretchy knit fabric OR 2 1/2 yards of stretchy knit that is at least 46" wide.  See additional directions under Step 1 for more info.  (I used a nice double knit jersey.  It is slightly thicker, so it's not too stretchy)
  • Scissors
  • Serger (optional)

Step 1:
Cut out a piece of fabric that is 5 yards long and 23" wide.  Usually knits are about 46" wide, so you could get 2 wraps out of this.  The extra one would make for a great baby shower gift.

If you have 2 1/2 yards of fabric, cut the fabric in half length-wise and stitch the 2 pieces together, giving you one long piece of fabric that is 5 yards long and 23" wide.  Don't worry about the seam going down the middle, it will still work just fine.

***  I have had a lot of questions about the direction that the knit will need to stretch in order to work.  Ideally, a knit that has a 4 way stretch would be great.  But if it only stretches one way, the stretch would need to be lengthwise, so the very long way of the wrap.  If the stretch was only going across the width it wouldn't stretch the right way to pull the fabric up and over your baby. ***

Step 2:
To make the fabric more manageable, fold the fabric in half width-wise (like I did in the picture)

Step 3:
Now fold the fabric in half length-wise, with all the selvage edges on the left and the folded edge on the right.  You will be cutting the part at the top, with the selvedge edges as pictured.

Step 4:
All you will be doing is trimming down the edges of the fabric.  This doesn't need to be super exact, but I listed my measurements in the pictures.  The first picture is with the fabric folded length-wise and the second is after it is opened up. (I'm sure I'm stating the obvious, but just wanted to cover all my bases)

Step 5:
This step is optional.  I serged around the edges of the wrap, but since the knit won't fray, you don't necessarily have to do this.  It just gives it a more finished edge.

And that's it!  It's just one VERY long piece of fabric, with ends that get a little narrower.  The narrow ends just make it easier to tie.

I used this tutorial for wrapping it.  Cash loves snuggling up to me while I'm playing trains with Bradley or emptying the dishwasher. 


And the giveaway winner for the Ohh Baby Designs scarf is....

Mike and Larissa:  I like Ooh Baby Designs LOVE THE SCARF

Congratulations Larissa!  Shoot me over an email and we will get you your scarf!


  1. That is so cute, I am 25 weeks pregnant and I am in baby mode also. Congrats on the little one. I need to make one!!

  2. I had one of these with my second baby and it seriously saved me from so much stress as my 2 year old at the time was a little too loving, if you catch my drift. If I left my baby down there would be stuffed animals piled on top of him with his sister "sharing" her things with the baby. These are amazing! Great tutorial!


  3. You really are an inspiration for me! When we have kids, I want to find things to do if I stayed home. I think a sewing machine could be key. =) xoxo A

  4. Yay I'm so glad you did it! Don't you just love it? I love how it gives me an extra hand.

  5. I made one of these a while back, they are seriously so easy. I actually only used 3 yards and cut my fabric in 1/2 lengthwise, then serged the two pieces together, if you're looking to save a even a little more money.No need to ever pay $40 for the name brand!

  6. I couldn't live without my Moby (I have three boys-5, 3, and 6 months!) Thanks for the tutorial, I may make myself a few more!

  7. I love my Moby Wrap! It's a great carrier for a little one. So many of the other carriers didn't feel secure for a newborn. My babysitter uses it every morning when she walks her kids to school. My little guy stays nice and warm, and her hands are free to help her kids as needed. :)

  8. hi Leanne,
    I've been following your blog quite silently for a while now. Firstly I'd like to say that I LOVE your tutorials. Your blog exudes energy as well, because I don't know how you can do so much and care for two young children! You're a super mom! This leads me to my second point: I've awarded/ nominated you for the versatile blogger award :) I wanted to share your talent with my readers :D

    i look forward to more posts!

  9. Thanks for sharing this tutorial! I love the idea of making my own so that I could use different fabrics... and maybe have a couple to switch back and forth with!!

  10. I pinned it to pinterest and am so excited to make one. Thank you soooo much!

  11. Do you think an interlock knit fabric would work just as well as a double knit jersey fabric? I bought interlock because I wanted something just a little thicker than the jersey knit, let me know your thoughts please

    1. Yep, interlock should work great. The thicker knit the better, I think.

  12. I would like to get my hands on some of that navy knit you have. I have wanted to make a wrap for the last 4 months but can't find the knit where I live, and feel too nervous about ordering online since I can't see and touch. Where did you get yours?

  13. OH my, the tutorial is GREAT, but what i REALLY loved was that handle you have on your ruler! what a GENIUS idea!! I HAte picking up my ruler off a smooth surface/trying to push it hard with a flat hand using my rotary cutter! I will definietly be buying one of those!

  14. I have a question. Is the fabric doubled or its just a single layer that is sewn around the edges? I bought some beautiful magenta fabric and I'm excited to get started.

    1. Niki- it is just a single layer. This step isn't totally necessary, I just like a finished edge better than a raw edge.

    2. Awesome, thanks for your quick reply. I'm going to get started tomorrow. I've only got a month left!

  15. Time to dig into my fabric stash! I have a five month old and we use a baby Bjorn but this looks much more comfortable, no clips or hard plastic pieces to poke me or her.

  16. My Daughter-in-law asked me to make one for her. The knit fabic in this area runs $8/yd - do you see any problem in running a seam down the middle by buying 3 yards instead of 6? Also some sights has suggested 100% cotton fabric, wouldn't some stretch be necessary? Great idea on the that!

  17. I have been looking at many links to buy or make mobiwraps, babywraps, etc -- all the instructions [that mention this] refer to a one-way stretch, but none have indicated which way - stretchy across, or lengthwise = stretchy selvedge? I'd like to know for sure. Wish we'd had these 24-42 years ago! [Been sewing for over 60 years - since age 5.]

    1. The stretch would need to be lengthwise, so the very long way of the wrap. If the stretch was only going across the width it wouldn't stretch the right way to pull the fabric up and over your baby. Hope this helps!

  18. I had the same question as a previous poster- which way did yours stretch? Mine only stretched one way (if you pulled lay it out and pull both selvage edges, that is the way it will stretch, but not the other way. Make sense?). Will that work?

    1. Hi Stephanie!
      Ideally, a knit that has a 4 way stretch would be great. But if it only stretches one way, the stretch would need to be lengthwise, so the very long way of the wrap. If the stretch was only going across the width it wouldn't stretch the right way to pull the fabric up and over your baby. Hope this helps!

  19. Hi Leanne!

    This is totally unrelated to your blog post here but I couldn't help but wonder if you used any time of post-baby wrap - like the shrinxhips or anything? If so do you think they work? You look amazing for just having a little one.

    1. Hi Christy,
      Thanks for such a sweet compliment! Yes, I did use a postpartum band right after I had Cash. I got it at Babies R Us and used it after I had Bradley too. I think those things are life savers! I should probably add it to my list of pregnancy tips.... It seriously helped get my hips back to normal. Might be my favorite post-baby product ever.

  20. Great tutorial, and wraps are wonderful for babies! I would caution, though, if you choose to make a sling from two pieces of fabric, to be sure that a french seam is used because it will be a weight-bearing seam. French seams are very strong and provide two rows of stitching to securely join the fabric. Also make sure to use a sewing machine needle appropriate to the fabric (for knits I use a ball point or jersey needle in a size appropriate for the fabric weight), because the wrong needle will create holes in the fabric that will cause the knit to run. I prefer knits that have a two-way stretch lengthwise across the wrap rather than four, because as the baby grows and gets heavier, the four-way stretch will require constant adjustment & tightening because the baby will begin to sag in the wrap.

  21. When I pull the fabric, it needs to be stretchy across the 5yards or across the 23", I've read it like 100 times and am still kind of confused, I'm so sorry for all the questions. Thanks! I didn't get to make it before she was born, she is here now and I am hoping to have time (and energy) to make it. She was born 5.24.12 7 lbs 5oz. :)

    1. Hey Niki, Congratulations on your new little girl! This is pretty quick to make, so hopefully you get the time!

      Ok, so basically when you pull the fabric to feel for which way it stretches, it needs to stretch the long way. Meaning, if you were to pull on either ends of the 5 yards of fabric, it would stretch. The wrap is 23" wide and doesn't necessarily need to stretch in that direction. Does this make sense?

    2. thank you!
      Yes, thank you so much. I'm sorry, the exhaustion has made me a little slow. :)

    3. Thank you so much for all your help, I have finally completed my Moby Wrap!!

  22. These tend to run bigger than othes so if you're not ready to move up to the next size they help. I've had a few leakage issues though but that wouldn't deter me from giving this five stars. They move well too, when they get wet they don't become overly bulky.
    honest diapers

  23. I know this is an ollld post but I`m hoping to get an answer anyways :)
    Just wondering how much weight can the wrap take? TIA

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