Friday, March 2, 2012

dreaming of spring

Have you received your J.Crew Spring catalog?  We got ours a few days ago and I'm obsessed with it.  Here are a few of my favorite Spring staples:

a Maxi.  Ha!  I bet your are all shocked.  So I might have 7 in my closet, but I'm thinking I need a Kelley green one now.... 

I'm loving boat neck tops right now.  And stripes?  The obsession continues. A striped one like this is on my "to sew" list  

A chambray top is a must for Spring.  I got mine from J.Crew last year and it goes with ev-er-e-thing!  I also have some white capri's I want to refashion into skinnies.

A dolman sleeved top.  No armholes to sew?  Yes please. 

I have 5 yards of gorgeous lace and three projects I have been dying to make with it.  This top is one of them.  Lace is huge right now and I love it.  
I also have gold sequined fabric for a pencil skirt.  I bought it when I was pregnant and have been patiently waiting to get my normal body back so that I can make it.  But I posted this one because of the price.  You GOTTA click on the link.......ok, I can't wait, so I'm just gonna tell you.....
what the WHAT?!?
I'm sorry J.Crew, but that is so outrageous.  I can think of a lot of things I would want with $700, and one skirt is not one of them.


  1. Amen! I would never pay that much! I could use that money for so many other things considering I have two in diapers and one is on formula. I hope you made a tutorial on how to use sequin fabric. I would love to learn that!

  2. I'm def loving that green maxi! I had my eye on it and was shocked by the price, well not shocked, but not happy! =) I'd love to see you make one like that and I would def buy it!!! xoxo A-

  3. Please, please, please make tutorials for these projects!!!

  4. Wow those crazy expensive. I wasn't really into stripes but I've been loving them lately.

  5. That is outrageous. What if you spilled something on it?! I love the green maxi. I just picked up some fabric that shade yesterday. Cute idea mixing it with the stripe top!

  6. I can't wait to see how you make the dolman sleeved top!! I want one!


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