Thursday, March 15, 2012

kojo designs Sewing for ME: guest post

Today I'm guest posting on everything Maxi over at Kojo Designs. She is doing a Sewing for ME serious that is definitely worth checking out. And you all know how much I love sewing for me....


  1. Hi Leanne! I've gotten addicted to your maxi skirts, but haven't tried a patterned fabric. Any suggestions on where to find good jersey patterned fabric like the stripped one pictured?

  2. Hi Megan- I get all of mine from the fabric district down in LA. Joanns has some nice knits, but not a lot of patterns. One of my sponsors, the fabric fairy, has some great ones on their site you could check out. Or another good place to look is Good luck!

  3. I made the maxi last night! The directions were great and easy to follow. However, this was my first time sewing anything in prob 15 years so it's a little rough around the edges. Love your tutorials! Can't wait to try another!


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