Tuesday, April 17, 2012

crib bedding

Lets talk crib bedding for a bit, shall we?

When I was pregnant with Bradley, I spent countless hours looking for the perfect bedding for his crib.  I knew I didn't really want a "theme" or (heaven forbid) any kind of characters for the bedding.  I of course fell in love with Serena & Lily bedding, but couldn't convince my husband, or myself for that matter, that it was worth the $350.  So I decided to make my own.  I was really picky about how I wanted it all to look (the thickness of the bumpers, piping, ties, etc) and bought a few crib bedding patterns but they just didn't cut it.  I got some great foam bumper pads that my coworker wasn't using that were the perfect thickness (about 2" wide), and decided to take my own measurements and make it how I wanted it.  

Fast forward to today when I am extremely glad that I was so detailed in my notes for the bedding the first time around, because it really made Cash's new crib bedding a lot less painful to make.  Don't get me wrong....it's still a pain.  But it's worth it to get just the look you want.  

Before I show you pictures of the new nursery/big boy room, here are some before shots of Bradley's bedding:


front bumper: Wallpaper Roses lime, back bumper:  Swirly Buds ice blue, skirt: Mod Bead ice blue (all Heather Bailey fabric)

A few months after Bradley's bedding, I made my good friend Sandra her little girl's bedding for her baby shower.  I love the color and fabric she chose.

I put her bedding on my crib just to show her what it looked like.  In her little Sophie's nursery she painted the walls that gorgeous purple to match the ties and it looks amazing!

front bumper: lil plain jane, back bumper: citron garden pindot, skirt: gray quarter dot (all Michael Miller fabric)

I don't make custom crib bedding simply because I don't have the time, but I will be posting all of the measurements that I used, along with a piping tutorial in the near future to help out any uber picky "Icantfindtheperfectbedding" moms.....like myself.


  1. Those are awesome! I can't wait to see the tutorial - I would love to do this myself. :)


  2. I AM THAT MOM ----I am going bonkers trying to find it ---and I dont sew :(!!!!
    These both are GORGEOUS

  3. Those look great! I made both my girls' crib bedding, and I just think its the way to go! So easy too!

  4. SO cute! Yes, do post a tutorial when you have time!

  5. Tutorials would be much appreciated!!

  6. That is beautiful. I am doing that right now, I'm 34 weeks pregnant trying to find the right bedding for my new baby girl to come. I wish I can make something for her. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing.


  7. so excited to see the more detailed post! i'm in the midst of putting together crib bedding for my 2nd who is due in 2 months, and like you said, haven't been able to find what i am looking for anywhere!

  8. Love my crib bedding Leanne. You're the best and we have been so grateful that you took the time to make it for us and for Sophie. Miss you guys!!!

  9. i am about to start making my second child's bedding. i didn't go with a prepackaged bedding the first time around and i knew i didn't want to this time either. however i have never made something this big. I have made clothes, hates, bloomers you name it, but bedding is a whole different thing. i am 23 weeks pregnant with my first girl and im going to buy the fabric soon since i am picky too and want it to be perfect but if i don't start soon then i wont fit behind the machine or be able to sit on the floor to cut it all out haha. i would love if you could post the directions you used for your since i was kinda going to have to wing it and all. if you don't want to post it then i would be awesome if you could email me since i have no clue what to do on this one. thanks so much.

    email: hmh87al@yahoo.com

  10. So sweet, and so talented! I can barely stitch a hole!

    Sarah & Kristina

  11. My sister is adopting and wants me to make the baby's crib quilt, and I think that she really would like me to just make it all, but she's never asked. I'll look forward to seeing your directions and then maybe I can surprise her with all-custom bedding! ;)

  12. Oh my gosh! I am chomping at the bit! I just ordered fabric for a crib set and can't wait for your instructions. I was trying to decide whether to go with a solid store-bought piping for ease of use, but custom-made is so much better. Thanks for the inspiration, don't make us wait too long! ;)

  13. Also chomping at the bit for crib bedding instructions! I'm definitely of the can't-find-what-I-want-in-a-decent-price-range camp. I can get it done in three months, right? = )

  14. My daughter and I just finished your crib pattern. It turned out so dang cute! Thank you for sharing and making it so easy to follow. Your measurements were perfect but I thought it was four seperate pieces and my daughter thought it was one. We decided to sew it all together and had one opening that we stitched together. WHAT DID YOU DO? If I ever do this again I will put a hidden zipper in. The hardest part for me was pushing and pulling the foam through the big tube. Alison

    1. Alison, I'm sorry! I should have made it more clear! Mine were 4 separate pieces. I left one side open on all 4 pieces and sewed in some velcro so that I could close each piece. Hope that helps! I'm glad your cribbing worked out so well!

  15. I truly relish whilst I go through your blogs and articles.

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