Friday, June 15, 2012

life from my iphone

Cash man growing like a weed / ready for summer / dye collection / glitter for church
my night job / happy baby / gel nails with besties / REUNITED! 
Grandpas funeral / Mothers Day present... 1 hour of pure bliss / dinner at Ikea / pool fun 

Big apologies for the absence on my blog lately.  I've been going a mile a minute and haven't had a spare moment to update.  My husband just got back from a 6 week internship in DC (GLORY HALLELUJAH.  My hats off to every single-mom out there.  That was hard. )  So we have been enjoying our time together this week and packing frantically because we are moving to California for another summer internship tomorrow.  Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Your boys are so adorable! 6 weeks is an awful long time to be apart!! This mama can relate, with a traveling husband. Glad he is home! Where abouts in CA? We are in the Bay Area!

  2. Wow... glad you survived! Hope you enjoyed the weekend, and the blog will be here when you have a chance to breathe! No rush!!

  3. Oh awesome, I live in So. Cal. Have a safe trip!!


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