Thursday, September 13, 2012

pink and polka

top: Cotton On, skirt: me, shoes: B.P., glasses: c/o Firmoo, necklace: Nachelle, jewelry: Michael Kors, c/o Glam Grab, Juicy

I can't get enough of these stretchy pencil skirts lately.  Can you tell?  They might look all prim and proper, but the stretchy knit means I have no problem bending over to hoist up my bajillion pound baby car seat. 
(car seat + solid as a rock infant = emerging biceps)

Also, let me know if you need any help with your taxes, because once I put these puppies on I feel like I can add, subtract, or multiply without even using my fingers.  Firmoo makes one great quality pair of glasses.  At such a fabulous price point, I was very impressed with how well the glasses are made.  They even give you a case, bag, and cleaning cloth as wellThey have an amazing promotion going on right now where you can get your first pair of glasses FREE!  All you pay is the shipping.  Grab a pair like mine and we can all go drop kick some calculators together.  Won't be needing those bad boys any longer.


  1. I love when you post your outfits. It's really inspiring to see someone dressing modestly, but still fashionably!

  2. Love this outfit, and totally love the glasses!!

  3. Love the whole look! I've got some hot pink knit in my fabric stash right now and I was contemplating a maxi skirt, but teh pencil skirt is my fave right now!!

  4. Love your skirts!! Do you have a tutorial or pattern for it anywhere?

  5. Absolutely LOVE that outfit!!!! My question is the same as Natalie's......Do you have a tutorial? I really need a skirt like that!!! You are seriously so talented and beautiful too!

  6. Hey lady- it's Abby from My Yellow Sandbox. Or from our playdate this morning... ha! I'm pretty sure I need this entire outfit. Tutorial for the skirt? Or even better... are you selling them at your shop?!

    You're adorable.

  7. Nice outfit...
    I will follow your blog


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