Tuesday, October 23, 2012

brotherly love

My boys are growing at a rapid speed before my eyes.  As much as I want to stop the clock, keep them little, and just smother them with kisses, it is fun to see them enter the stage where they can play and interact together.  I find myself peeking at them from around the corner, trying my best to be a wallflower, while Bradley chases Cash and makes him giggle.  Those giggles often turn quickly into cries and whines, so it is best to cherish the happy moments while I can.


  1. so adorable and these pictures are absolutely beautiful :)
    I'm not a mom yet but I'm sure when I am, I'll feel the same way and want to stop time too!


  2. Those are the cutest pictures. Your boys are adorable!



  3. I so agree on the wanting to stop time, yet enjoying hitting new milestones. I too have two boys close together and it is the best when they interact (and yes, it usually ends in the little on crying). You really summed it all up quite perfectly!

  4. Such cute boys, with cute personalities to match! Fun to see you all last weekend:)

  5. They are SOOO cute! Love their outfits!



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