Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sewing Summit:: class recap

Heading up to Salt Lake!  The 1 hour drive was nothing considering people had come from all over the world (Canada, united Kingdom, Australia).

 Opening mixer, sponsored by

I learned so much from my classes at Sewing Summit.  I especially loved Mena Trott's handmade wardrobe class.  It was really inspiring and made me want to use a real pattern....almost.  I also learned the do's and don'ts of blog design from expert Melissa Esplin.  I am in the process of revamping the blog, so her advice was really helpful.

The highlight for me was teaching my Maxi skirt class.  It was so great to actually be able to interact with women face to face, kick of my shoes and get down on the floor with them to show them how to cut, measure, and pin their skirts.  A lot of the women were quilters who hadn't used knit fabric or sergers before, and it was so fun for me to help them realize that they can make clothing for themselves! 

Not to mention I got to teach in a room with 15 beautiful Baby Lock sergers.  Seriously dreamy.

We made good use of the floor space.  The knits were laid out all over the floor in the class, and up and down the hall.

I loved that I got to see all of the finished results!  Almost everyone walked away with a completed skirt.
(I tried to take pictures of as many ladies with their skirts as possible.  Check them all out of my flicker page)

with Heather and Jessica

I couldn't believe all of the talented women who were there.  It was slightly intimidating.  But they were all so genuine and nice and willing to share their knowledge with you.  All I had to do was get up the courage to ask!

Joel Dewberry was the keynote speaker and was fabulous.  He was so real and down to earth.  I love that he told us his new fabric line was created partially because they were redoing his daughters bedroom and wanted to do it with that specific color palate.  

Erin and her team were in charge of Sewing Summit and did an absolutley amazing job.  I was seriously blown away at how well organized this event was.  They are true all-stars in my book!


  1. Did you make yoru black and white striped skirt? I have some black and white knit at home right now- you're giving me inspiration!

    1. Hey Lins! Yes, I made it. It is navy and white, and I made a separate navy and a separate white skirt, cut them up, and sew the strips together. That wide of stripe is hard to find in a knit!

  2. It was great hanging out with you at sewing summit, especially the little hot chocolate shop Saturday night. What a whirlwind of a weekend. Hopefully we will meet again in the near future.

    Lisa Langford

    1. Seriously, I keep thinking about how fun that night was. So sad we don't all live closer so we don't have to wait an entire year to do it again!

  3. i love your shirt in the first picture!!


  4. I am with Kerry - love your shirt! I adored meeting you Leanne, was definitely a highlight for me. And your serger class rocked! Seeing so many people learning how to use such an incredible machine, it just made my day. Thank you for all your hard work!

  5. Leanne, that sounds amazing! I wish i could have gone this year. I love Mena Trott, I contribute to her Sew Weekly. How awesome you got to actually see her in person. So rad you a maxi skirt class, and were able to bring more sewing knowledge to quilters.
    - Bethany

  6. Sounds great! I would love to learn to sew with a serger and make a gorgeous skirt like the one you taught!

  7. It was so great to meet and chat. I hope to continue the conversation and will enjoying watching fun things unfold for you.

  8. Thanks for being so patient Leanne. You were a great instructor!

  9. Leanne, it was so fun to meet you, and I'm wishing I would have taken your skirt class--looks like it was so fun!


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