Monday, November 12, 2012

fit for a queen

I was down in California recently and got to see my mom's new gorgeous living room additions.  Heavenly I tell you.  Heavenly. 

couch, rug, chair, coffee table via Ethan Allen


  1. I'm speechless! It's incredibly beautiful! Didn't you have a desire to stay there forever? :))

  2. Very beautiful! I remember back when I was a little girl, in the early 90's, the RS in our ward were all about making their living rooms look like a "Celestial" room. They must have all spent so much money on this endeavor, because not very many of them have updated their living rooms since. Your mom did a lovely job with the room. - Bethany

  3. oh wow. i especially love the lace detailing on the chair.

  4. Holy moly, those look so editorial but so comfy. I must admit I'm rather jealous!


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