Monday, September 2, 2013


Kimono: me (tutorial below) you can find similar styles herehere, here and here, Top: Nordstrom, Pants: Dittos c/o (out of stock, but similar here and here), Shoes: No longer available, but similar here (loving these for the fall), Necklace: similar, Cuff: vintage (similar here, and here)

I have been majorly crushing on kimonos for a while.  I picked up this amazing silk fabric from Mood during Fabric Weekend, fully intending on making it into a dress.  But the more I thought about how delicate the silk was, and how I don't want to have to dry clean it too often, I had a light bulb moment and decided it was time to make a kimono.

I figured I would just let this gorgeous fabric do the talking and paired it with all white.  Today might be Labor Day, but I'm not breaking up with white.  White pants will still be great for fall and I'll continue rotating them into my wardrobe.

*Also, don't forget that today is the last day of the Labor Day sale over at!  All of my maxis are 20% off till midnight PST tonight!

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I'm also loving these gorgeous kimonos...

Click below for the tutorial

  • 1 yard of lightweight fabric.  (Mine is 100% silk and I got it at Mood.  Also loving this, this, and this)
  • Matching thread
  • Rolled hem foot (optional)  
*tip: The trickiest part about this piece was simply getting the silk to cooperate.  It doesn't stay still very well to cut, so if you are working with a slippery light-weight fabric, I would suggest creating a pattern first from patternpaper, and use this as your guide when cutting the fabric.  I found this allowed me to get a nice clean straight cut.

  • 1:  Cut 2 rectangles for the sleeves.  Mine measured 10" wide x 26" long.  You want the sleeves to hang extra long, so to figure out your sleeve measurements, measure around your bicep and add about 15".  Plug this in for the length measurement above.
  • 2:  Take your measurements from shoulder to shoulder, and add 8".  This will be the width of the back of your kimono.  My back rectangle measured 26" wide x 37" long.  To cut, fold your fabric in half and divide your measurements by 2, so that you get an even rectangle.  Cut out a tiny curve at the top for your neckline (pictured above), and round the bottom so that the back will hang longer than the sides (pictured above).
  • 3:  Cut 2 rectangles for the front of your kimono that measure from the end of your cut neckline to the corner and from the top corner to right before your back rectangle starts to curve.  My front rectangles measured 10" wide x 30" long.

    • 4:  Place the front 2 rectangle on top of the back rectangle rt sides together (pictured above).  Stitch along the top and sides, leaving an opening for your sleeves (the opening should be the half the width of your sleeve. Mine measured 13").
    • 5-6: Fold your sleeves rt sides together and stitch up the edges. Turn your sleeves rt side out. 
    • 7-8:  Slide the sleeve into your bodice (bodice inside-out).  Pin edges and stitch around sleeve (pictured above).
    • 9:  (not pictured) Use a rolled hem foot or carefully turn over all unfinished edges twice to create a very thin hem.


    1. Wow! Looks amazing. Such a cute and fun look


    2. This looks awesome. I can't wait to try it! Thanks.

    3. you seriously are my hero!! I too have been on a kimono kick and the cute ones are few and hard to come by. you made my day when i saw on pinterest you made a tutorial!! Now my possibilities are endless!!! I cannot thank you enough for this post!! =D

      1. You are so welcome Samantha! Now go make some! ;)

    4. Kimonos are everywhere right now! I need to make my own - this tutorial is so simple! Great look.


    5. Thank you so much for your tutorials! You are so amazing!!

    6. wow that looks so chic and cozy!love it
      kisses from Milano

    7. Love it! So simple - will definitely be going out to buy some material to make this :)

    8. Such an awesome idea! Thank you for the tutorial, looking forward to trying my own.


    9. I have to admit I've never liked kimonos, but I LOVE this one.

    10. Great post! I am now following you! would you like to follow each other?

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    12. Gorgeous! Thank you so much, so generous of you to share this DIY tutorial on how to make a kimono jacket. You should try one of these Asian fabrics one day from AsianIdeas for this kimono jacket style. Just stumbled upon this beautiful set and can't help ut picture them as ultra gorgeous kimonos in this style.:)

    13. Love this! Today I bought fabric to make it. Question though: Does a lining seem necessary now that it has been made? Any tutorials on how this might be done? Thanks! Love your site.

    14. Thanks for the great tutorial! I made one out of Echino Cotton/Linen and I love it!

    15. Thanks for the tutorial! I tried making it, but I'm a beginner so it was a little rocky :)
      Here's my post about it -

    16. This is so cool! Will definitely try this out :)


    17. Great tutorial. I'm sooo excited to try this. Thanks a lot for the inspiration.
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    18. your amazing
      txs a lot for sharing all the steps,

    19. You are amazing!!! Your tutorial is simply awesome. Have kimono. Am good to go.
      Thanks a million. xxx

    20. Thank you for sharing this. I made my first one and I just love how it turned out!

    21. A yard of fabric is not enough to make all the sections. I bought a meter (slightly more than a yard) of fabric to try this out and I've cut the arms and the back side sections from it, using slightly smaller measurement than hers above, and do not have enough fabric left for the front sections. I would recommend buying more than a yard of fabric.

      Otherwise, great tutorial and i'm excited for the outcome once i've gotten more fabric to complete it!

    22. I had issues setting the sleeves mainly where the two seams meet each other which I found tricky to sew around (if that makes sense....what I mean is the side seam and the seam on the sleeve) I'nm a novice at sewing so a few pointers would be good as ti how to make this neat!

    23. Is there any other kimono design you can make a tutorial on ??

    24. Yay!! I was just about to make a kimono and thought I better see if anyone had any tips/instructions before I wasted a ton of fabric! Thank you! xo, Emily

    25. I haven't sewn in over 30 years. I think this is so gorgeous, it might be time to dust the sewing machine out.

    26. Hi, I've tried out your pattern and thank you for sharing.

    27. tq 4 the tutorial...its great....on the go to make it...tqvm

    28. thanks for sharing this, your blog is amazing! I'm so inspired right now, definitely going to make this kimono :)

    29. Hi-
      I'd like to use this for my sewing group. Is that ok? Also, is there a way to print this out as PDF?

    30. Hi!
      Thanks for share this tutorial! I would like to know if its possible do this kimono with another kind of fabric. Silk it´s too expensive for me :(
      Do you know another webs to buy?

    31. Hi!
      Thanks for share this tutorial! I would like to know if its possible do this kimono with another kind of fabric. Silk it´s too expensive for me :(
      Do you know another webs to buy?

    32. This is gorgeous! Looks easy to do:-)

    33. This is gorgeous! Looks easy to do:-)

    34. Educational tutorial and the images are eye catching. Thanks for creating a happy movement and be literate.

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      bridal lace fabric

    35. Thank you for sharing. A few pointers: If your fabric is 45" wide, you definitely need more than one yard of fabric. I had a 1.5 yard piece and used every inch of fabric, and still had to shorten it a bit from the directions. I would buy 2 yards of 45" fabric and 1.5 yards of 60" fabric. I will post a photo on my pinterest page when I'm done sewing.

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    37. süperrr bayıldımm !!!

    38. I've looked at a ton of tutorials for kimono jackets and this is the first one that had the whole shooting match going on..........excellent material choice for inspiration.....directions for sewing.....good instruction to show how to figure measurements. Thank you.....thank you very much !

    39. it looks easy and awesome in the same time. I love it <3

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    55. I'm almost finished making one out of black lace using a stretch stitch! I thought I would have to use bias tape for all the edges, but it's surprising stitching together alright. Thanks for the easy tutorial with step by step instructions! To often I get a tutorial that is so barebones, I'm not really sure how to make it work!

    56. This comment has been removed by the author.

    57. Wow, such lovely sewing !! I'd wear this whole outfit in a heartbeat.
      Guipure Lace Fabrics


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