Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Jumper: Target, Shoes: Lulu's c/o, Bag: Lily Jade c/o, Bangles: INPINK c/o, Watch: Michael Kors

I have been subconsciously on the hunt for a good jumper for a while now.  Every time I go looking for one, I can't find one with the right fit or cut.  But you know those monumental shopping trips when you find exactly what you were looking for when it wasn't even searching for it?  That's what happened with this jumper.  And Target of all places! (a perfect item in Target?  nobody is surprised here) The proportions are perfect and it feels like I'm waltzing around in my pj's.  And an added bonus?  It's husband approved.  No way did I think this one would pass the test with him.  I just braced myself a bit when I was on my way out to a girls night, and he approved. *fist pump*

Want to know what else I have been obsessed with lately?  My Lily Jade designer "diaper" bag.  I put the "diaper" part in quotes, because this bag is so incredibly chic, you will fool every mom in your play group.  It is large, durable, and made from the softest leather.  I brought it with me to Alt and it held everything I needed.  The genus design continues on the inside.  It is full of pockets and compartments.  There is even a removable and washable "baby bag" with pockets specifically designed for bottles, wipes, and anything else you could possibly think of.  This is also useful because you can fit the baby bag into other tote bags as well.  This is definitely a bit of an investment.  But for a large genuine leather bag that will last you during the diaper bag stage and beyond, I feel like it is an investment worth making.  What is the point of getting a great diaper bag that you feel like you can't use once you don't need to be carting around bottles and changing pads?


  1. Love this look!! I just got a pair of these pants and I am obsessed with them!!

    Xo Ash
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. That jumper is amazing! I have been on the hunt also! I am going to have to hit up Target!
    Love Me, Dani Marie

  3. You look fantastic, great look! Love the hair and shoes :)


  4. Why is your diaper bag the thing I love the most? (Sigh, mom problems) I wish I had seen those when I bought one. It's on sale right now and it's totally worth every penny!

  5. Loving this jumper so much! I have wanted one for a while but didn't think there was one that actually had sleeves, pants, AND was super cute. Thanks for finding this!

  6. Love how confident you look in a jumper

  7. All of those website designs are Awesome! Great list, Chris! thanks for sharing. amazon product reviews

  8. I LOVE that jumper!! I cannot believe it is from Target. I was just there earlier today and can't believe I missed it. You look great!




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