Camel coat + leather jacket Camel coat + leather jacket  Camel coat + leather jacket


I love a look that is set apart, which means picking pieces that are bold and unique. There are so many ways to add bolder details like a statement sweater to a look, but keeping it classy and sophisticated is important to me. I don’t ever want to add too much that it gets overwhelming, so I usually go for one or two pieces that set it apart. I stayed with a couple different colors in this look and made the focal point my cream exclamation sweater. Layering was a must in London because it was so cold, so wearing my sweater under my leather jacket and camel coat worked perfectly.

Eating healthy while traveling was a little tricky. I didn’t want to completely deprive myself of yummy treats and foods in Europe, but I also wanted to be smart about it. I packed a bunch of protein bars in my suitcase (which is probably why we came so close to going over our weight limit; I’m sure it had nothing to do with the 8 pairs of shoes I brought), but I was so glad I brought some! I don’t need a ton to eat in the morning, so I just grabbed a protein bar and an apple on our way out to explore. We would usually do one big meal each day and for the second meal we would grab a sandwhich or something smaller and quick on the go. I tried to keep my big meals fairly healthy (salad or fish), but we did have fish and chips on our first night, and a classic English breakfast another day (both of which my stomach regretted immediately!). The Indian food in London was where it was at! I’m writing a huge post with everywhere we went, stayed, and ate so keep an eye out next week for that post!

I did really well about the amount of treats I ate until a few days before we left. I was out of my bars and starving, and I randomly grabbed a bag of Haribo cherry gummies at a grocery store because I needed somethingThat was my sugar downfall. Garrett and I downed that entire bag on the first night, and I bought a bag each day for the rest of our trip! I swear, I don’t have a sugar off-button. If I start eating candy, I might as well finish the bag because it’s staring me in the face. Garrett is really good about having a few and stopping. When he would finish a few, I would eat the rest of the bag! Thats why I have to tell myself not even to start with the candy! But we were walking everywhere the entire vacation, so it’s totally fine right? Calories and sugar don’t really count on vacation anyways! 😉





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  1. When I went to Ireland and spent a couple days in London, I loved how easy it was to find a simple cup of soup with some nice thick multigrain bread on the side. It was the perfect little lunch for me most days, but fish and chips our there are so good! And the Indian food (London)!!