Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Today I’m breaking down all of my favorite gifts I’ve found to give to KIDS for Christmas! Over the years I’ve given gifts that were a total hit, and some I regretted (ie: a forgettable toy with a zillion different pieces).


While I tried to keep my list fairly gender neutral…I just have a much better handle on toys my boys love 😉 I’ve included many gifts we have given the boys over the years that they actually still play with to this day. The thought of getting a dozen new toys is completely overwhelming. So I stuck to the classics in our house that keep kids attention and that don’t have a million parts to keep track of.



Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2018




NERF GUNS: Like it or not, we are a nerf gun family. My boys are absolutely obsessed. It’s the toy they gravitate to the most, especially when friends are over. Bradley asked for this clear light-up Nerf gun last year and it’s actually really cool!


NERF REFILL PACK: If you’re going to be a Nerf mom you MUST have plenty of bullets. (they are like socks…they like to disappear everywhere)


RAZOR SCOOTERS AND/OR MICRO KICK BOARD: My kids play ride their scooters way more than their bikes right now. They are easy to throw in the back of my car and take to the park. Eli loves his Micro Kick Board so much. I love that it’s well made and just his size! And if you accidentally run your car over it like I did last week, they sell every single piece individually so you can put it back together!


THE ESSENTIAL CALVIN & HOBBES: My boys are really into comic books. Calvin is funny and my boys crack up over these comics over and over.



THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: Another great comic book Bradley loves. It’s a little more complicated reading level, I would say ages 8+. The movie is also really cute!



LITTLE PEOPLE BIG DREAMS: COCO CHANEL: Such a beautiful book for girls! I’m all over a children’s book about a fashion designer!



HARRY POTTER SPECIAL EDITION BOXED SET:  We only own a few books, so I think it’s time to invest in the whole series. I wish we would have purchased them all when we started reading them.



POCKET MICROSCOPE: Cash asked for a microscope last year and he has the best time finding things to inspect up close!



ROCK TUMBLER : This is #1 on Cash’s list this year. I researched a ton of rock tumblers and this one is made of steel (as opposed to plastic like lots of the others) and I think its the best bang for your buck. This is the model I ordered.



TEAMSON MODERN PLAY KITCHENS: Such a beautiful toy I would be so happy to have displayed in my house! Think of all the pretend food your little could cook up here!



BUBBIMAL BUBBLES:  Cutest little bubble blowers- inexpensive and great as a stocking stuffer.



CHILDREN’S PATCH SET: These patches would be so fun to let your kids add to a jacket or backpack to make it their own!



MAGNA-TILES: I’m being serious when I tell you we use our Magna-Tile set  EVERY SINGLE DAY. They are pricey for sure. But we invested in a large pack last year and they have been such a great purchase. We make letters and castles out of them, and the large pack comes with an idea book my boys always look through for ideas.



KNIT BLANKET: A non-toy item that can be personal that kids can use to cuddle with for movie nights or at nighttime!



JELLYCAT STUFFED ANIMALS: I’m not a stuffed animal person. But Jellycat stuffed animals have a special place in my heart because Eli’s dog Ruff Ruff is made by them. It is so soft and cute! We are also huge fans of Bla Blas. I’ve gotten one for each of my kids when they were first born.



PLAY-DOH:  My kids have always loved Pay doh.  A classic that helps with their creativity…that doesn’t involve stick slime! 🙂



BOOGIE BOARD WRITING TABLET: We put these in our boys stockings last year and we still use these every Sunday at church! For being so thing, they really are durable. $20 might sound a little steep, but we have definitely banged ours up and they still work great. I highly recommend these!



WALKIE TALKIES FOR KIDSThese have been so fun for my kids! They do go through batteries fairly quick, but they giggle from one end of the house to the other saying “are you there? over! are you there? over!” They are also really fun for family vacations!



ONTEL MAGIC TRACKS : We have these and they are the best race car track we own! We have purchased so many plastic ones, but this one is so fun because the cars stay on the track and are motorized!



WOODEN TRAIN TRACKS FULL SETI think a train set is one of the most important toys for kids. My kids use their creativity to create the tracks and you can’t beat a classic wooden set! These tracks are fun because there are so many wooden brands that are all the same size, so you don’t have to stick to one kind of wooden track. They are really fun to buy a little bit at a time and build up your collection.



WATER WOW! REUSABLE WATER-REVEAL ACTIVITY PADSI am always buying new color revealing marker sets for Eli because my big boys use them all up! These are great markers “on the go” and they don’t make a mess! Adding a pack of these for Eli’s stocking!



LAKESHORE PRINTING LOWERCASE LETTERS PRACTICE BOOKWe got these letter practice books for a birthday party last year and I LOVE them. My older boys still struggle with their handwriting sometimes, and these make practicing fun. I have them each take a book and fill up a page with a letter, and then I circle my favorite letter out of all the ones they drew. Eli has learned how to write his name because of these books!



WATERPROOF RAIN BOOTperfect for a rainy day, love the coral color.



DOMINOES FAMILY GAME SETa classic fun game, my kids love creating fun shapes with them.



BATH BOMB MAKING KITa fun easy craft for your child who loves creating. The best part is she can use her creation in the bathtub!



SPIROGRAPH SUPER KITI think my boys would love these. This could be really fun for keeping them quiet at church.



GUMMY CANDY LAB SCIENCE KITA science experiment with candy?! Cash would die..I’m definitely getting this one for him.



KNIT REDHEAD DOLLSuch a cute doll!


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  2. This is what I need.The best gifts for children indeed. Thanks!

  3. Found your page while looking for some gift ideas for kids and I got to say WOW. This has been one of the most helpful post Ive came across! Thank you.

  4. There’s been Monopoly for the real estate tycoon wannabe and Operation for the doctor wannabe. Now there’s LAWSUIT!™ for the attorney wannabe. LAWSUIT!™ would also make a fun, unique, holiday gift for ages 8 and up.

  5. Love your picks. Thank you for sharing! That Gummy candy lab science looks great.