About Leanne

It all started with a skirt. A skirt that I desperately wanted, but couldn’t afford on our tiny student budget. So I grabbed $6 worth of clearance fabric from a local sewing shop and spent hours designing and sewing to create my own version of that skirt, sparking a passion for clothing design. That skirt inspired me to start Elle Apparel back in 2007 as a place to showcase clothing that I made. Since that skirt, I have sewn an entire wardrobe of clothing, launched my own clothing line, graduated from that student budget (finally!), and molded Elle Apparel into a space that showcases my  personal style, sewing tutorials, beauty tips, and provides a peek into my life as a mom of three boys.

I am always grateful and excited to read your kind comments and words of encouragement on my posts. I hope Elle Apparel can be a space for you to enjoy and gain inspiration. Thank you so much for reading!